Consciously Stylish Clothing

AOA is a company that prides itself on values, mission based products and customer service that goes the extra mile. AOA is founded by the Joseph Family and run by Leon Jr. AOA strives to build relationships with the communities we do business. We offer women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and more items that are made thoughtfully with the environment in mind. While offering products made consciously, we will carry the most stylish and well made products that fits your everyday life. Our emphasis is to provide products made locally and made right here in America. Our goal is to provide products that are made by companies with similar values which in turn helps people and the environment.


AOA’s mission is to provide purposeful products that are crafted with the environment in mind. We will provide high-quality American and globally made products with common values. AOA strives to Empower, Impact, Operate with a purpose and Unite people through fashion and sustainability. AOA will contribute to individual lifestyle change and the way we shop without sacrificing quality or style.  

Our Values:

E, I, O, U’s

1. Empower people to shop differently.
2. Impact each other and the world we live in.
3. Operate with a purpose, with dignity and respect.
4. Unite everyone through fashion and Sustainability